Industrialization Project

BY: Catherine Jiga, Melissa Quiles, Kaylen Arango Yohnaton Rodriguez

Cotton Gin

Inventor- Eli Whitney

This invention was very important to history because it was an invention that sped up the process of taking the seeds out of the cotton

This was very profitable to him and it helped southerns a lot

He was credited as a pioneer of American Manufacturing

Interchangeable Parts

  • Popularized in America when Eli Whitney used them, he had used them to assemble muskets in the first couple year of the 19th century.
  • Some unskilled workers had produced numbers of weapons at a low cost, and they had made a few repairs and replacements of the parts.
  • On January 1801 Whitney had failed to produce of the promised weapons, he had made his demonstration was known as a fake.
  • gunmaking was considered an extremely skilled in craft in the 18th century.
  • Firearms, including pistols, and muskets were constructed by hand.
  • the guns being made by hand were known to be a one of a kind possession
  • putting the parts together took a process of time consuming and expensive for parts.
  • today cars have a lot of these parts that come in useful to transport to a different place, most of the electronics or any other objects there are interchangeable parts.

Steam Engine/Locomotive

  • Steam engines had powered most trains in early 1800s to 1950s.
  • They had varied in size
  • It would be fueled by wood,oil, or coal
  • as of today we don't use the steam engine no more.

Assembly Line

“Turned a craft-based economy into a mass-market one”

Henry Ford created the assembly line he made things easier by making work quicker

to build a car he reduced from about 12 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes - Ford Motor Company

Over time he added parts to advance his assembly line

this increased factory productivity

December 1, 1913

The assembly line was very important to history because it made work in factories a lot easier and faster.

The assembly line is still very much used, 100 years later. It is still very important to manufacturing industries.


important because almost every machine that stores, transmits, or contains information is filled with million transistors

  • it all began in the 1800s when Maxwell, Hertz, & Edison made using electricity possible
  • the transistor was invented in 1947
  • once the transistor was placed in computers, it became popular
  • without transistors there would be no internet & no space travel
  • transistors replaced large, heavy vacuum tubes
  • transistors are the foundation of the microchip and computer technology


Microchip powers basically everything electronically such as; computers, cell phones, CD players that is why it is so important to today otherwise we would not have all our technology we use today

Microchip is an integrated circuit that processes all the information in a computer

Microchip was created with contributions from industries and the government

It started in the Texas Instruments laboratory, created by Jack kilby and Robert Noyce in 1958

An integrated circuit is what an microchip is made up of.

The Microchip powered the first ever computer which is huge compared to today

Today the microchip is necessary for all our electronics without it we would not have our electronics

Kilby’s first chip

Telegraph/ Telephone

  • telegraph was invented in 1809 by samuel soemmering
  • Alexander Graham Bell’s attempt to improve the telegraph became a result of the telephone
  • he began to experiment with electrical signals
  • On june 2, 1875 bell was experimenting with his technique called the “harmonic telegraph” & finally heard a sound over the wire
  • In 1876, Bell finally achieved the birth of the telephone
  • First words spoken on the telephone were “Mr. Watson -- come here -- I want to see you”

*important because it helps us communicate quickly & easily


  • 1862- Abbe Giovanna Caselli made a Pantelegraph- transferred images through wires
  • 1873- 2 scientists Smith & May experimented w selenium, made transferring pictures through wires easier
  • 1876-George carey comes up with idea of a machine to view pictures in your home
  • Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Edison- Photophone, transferred sound & pictures at a high quality
  • 1884- Paul Nipkow used a rotating disk to move the pictures
  • 1900- called “television” first seen at 1900 World fair in paris
  • 1924- John Baird, developed moving picture = movies & tv shows
  • First long distance tv test ran between washington dc & NY
  • 1928- first tv station born W3XK, owned by Charles Jenkins
  • Television revolution grows rapidly
  • Tv matters now because it connects people to the world & what is going on


  • The automobile had sped up the land
  • It came in the late 19th century
  • Transformed everyones life when the automobile came out from culture to landscape.
  • Includes control transmission shift points, antilock brakes, traction control systems,steering and airbag deployment.
  • Today the automobile is useful because it takes you from point A to point B.

Cell/ Smart Phone

  • Cell phones have been evolved since 1983.
  • There are a thousands of models of cellphones.
  • Cellphones are popular in the US and vital to North American as they have been to asians.
  • Today people use phones to keep in contact and it comes in hand for businesses and etc.


  • The internet was used as a weapon within the government throughout the Cold war. Today the internet is very useful for communications whether it is social or business.
  • The worldwide web began in 1980
  • The internet all started from the APRAnet in 1969
  • Tim Berners Lee introduced the world wide web (abbreviation known as www.) in December 1990 he was also helped by Robert Cailliau
  • The internet has changed very much over time


  • the history of computers began with all kinds of machines, such as calculators & phones
  • in 1955, there were only 250 pc’s available to use
  • in 1955, pc’s were huge & could not fit into normal sized rooms
  • Once the valve once replaced with a different kind of transistor, computers began getting smaller
  • The microchip was also a big part on how the computer decreased in size
  • In 1975, apple computers was founded by steve jobs & steve wozniac
  • apple created the PC that could be used by anybody
  • The PC called- Apple II- was released in 1977
  • it contained a keyboard, floppy disk, & a video disc

* Computers have become necessary because some jobs can only do their job with PCs. It is an important part of getting information & connecting with others.


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