the scary dolls

By:Julian Moreno

One day this guy life in Mexico and he went to a place call Guadalajara,Guadalajara was like a big city but there were parts were is was like a rainforest and one day he told his family he was going there do 2 days when he went there everything was ok then there was a tour in the rainforest and he went there with the other people, when he was there with the rest of the people they start to walk by the time he was walking he saw a cool flower and he dint know that the rest of the people din't wait for him and so when he look up no body was there and he got scary and he stared to run but when he was running he fall and then heat his head on the rock when he woke up at the sky it was really dark and then he close his eyes again when he opened them he saw like a yellow and orange light  and so he wanted to know, and so he moved his head to the right the first think he saw was like little people and then fire and he was so scary he try to scram help but he cut not so he stared to humming and then he saw the little people moving and looking at him and  

this were the story took place (Guadalajara) Mexico

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