The Human Body

Anatomy - The study of the structure of the body and its parts and their relationship to one  another.

Physiology - The study of how the body and its parts work or function.

Relationship between anatomy and physiology - Anatomy and physiology are always related. The parts of your body form a well-organized unit, and each of those parts has a job to do to make the body operate as a whole.

The six levels of structural organization

Atoms - tiny building blocks of matter combined to form molecules.

Cells - Smallest unit of all living things.

Tissues - Consist of similar cells that have a common function.

Organ - Structure composed of two or more tissue types that perform a specific function for the body.

Organ system - Group of organs that work together to accomplish a common purpose.

Organism - the organism level is the sum total of all structural levels working together to keep us alive.