Review Questions

1: what is the receipt for a revolution? it is what you have to have to be able to have a revolution

2:List the 4 main reasons for exploration?



to spred religion


3: List the 3 types of colonies ?

plantation colony

settle Colombo

trading pour es pain

4: List the 3 primary cash crops that “required slavery?




5: List the three new technologies that made exploration easier?




6: Why were Africans the second choice for slave in the New World?

they did not now the not know world slave..

7:  why was the west coast of Africa important to Europeans?

slaves grand them.

8: Define the Encomienda System?

nobles and conquestadors were given and bobients for farms ,mines,or towns.

9: Define Triangular Trade and identify the 3 routes and their exports:it is a triangular part that they take to trude stuff europe to africa to north americans?

then back to europe , slaves and slaves.

10: Explain how the French, Spanish, and English treated Native Americans in the colonies?

they treated them really bad..

11: Explain how ocean currents and wind patterns could help and hinder(give problems) to explorers?

it could help guide them and also kill them.

12: Where are the highest areas of population in Africa?

nigeria sudan gana

13: Which natural resource is most abundant (in high supply) in Africa?

it is really hot there is harly no water so there is harly no crops

14: Define and Explain Theocracy?

theocracy is a system of government in Which priests or a god.

15: Define and Explain Democracy??

a state governed by a democracy.control of an organization or group by the majority of its members..

16: Define and Explain Oligarcy??

oligarcy is a small group of people having control of a country organization or intitution.

17: Margaret,born?

1562 died 1563(ayed 5 mounths).

18: Jhoan,born?

1558 died before 1569

19: was desovoted to?

william shakespeare, often called the english national poet is widely consideret the greatest dramatist of all time..

20: In graph 1 according to the graph what will the population be in 2020?

to 2009.