Misleading Ad

Stacey Stout

Today, I am going over the ad for Stacey Stout. This ad is against Peter Fischer, and the republican party of Minnesota paid for it. The ad is very negative for Peter Fischer, this ad has a picture of him and it looks like a mugshot. And there’s a chalkboard that is erased that symbolizes that he’s taking away education, and the same concept for the apple getting smaller and smaller.

This ad was pretty effective, if you just read it without putting much thought into it. The ad makes him sound like he’s the reason that kids are falling behind. And it's legit.

Overall this ad is misleading, the ad is citing the law H.F. No. 2397. The ad stretched the truth because she lied about him and his law he voted for. Teachers can be teachers by taking different tests. However Stacey Stout said that he voted to lower teacher standards. Next the ad gives an opinion that the kids are falling behind, and it doesn't have anything to do with the law. Overall, the images in this are more symbolic and connected to emotion. for example the apple in the picture getting smaller is symbolizing lowering education. In conclusion the ad is misleading.

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