Blessed Silence

Danielle McCullough


I think that in that darkness that I am so afraid of God, that silence that overcomes me is God's way of trying to speak to me. I do not know exactly what he is trying to say, but I know that it is something good and not bad, I can sometimes feel it in the love I get from my family. When my mother shows me how much she loves me my heart swells and I feel great during those times I can sometimes feel the softest thing brush by my ear and I know that is God trying to talk to me. During those times I feel creeped out and I backed away from it and I do not what to continuer to walk away, but I want to embrace it and let it feel me.If I continue to run from that silence I may not ever understand what God wants from me and I really want to know what he wants. I me this image shows that God is in my life, but he works in the silence of my deepest thoughts, the silence of the night, through he silent cries of people, through the quietest storm and the silence that surrounds is all. God is there even if we do not think he is not there. This image teaches me to respect that silence and to not stray from it, but to listen deep enough to hear the words that God wants me to hear.


The darkness of the night surrounds me,

Your soft whispers play in the still of the night,

They lead me, lead me to the unknown,

Lead me to a place I could only see in my dreams,

I feel soft hands on my shoulder,

Pushing me towards more darkness,

Then the lights flick on and I am sitting in my room,

Whispers gone and light surrounds me,

I was almost there.

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