My name is Kayla.  I absolutely love music, drawing, and writing.  My favorite sports are hockey, soccer, and volleyball.  I love the country and being in the woods.  Mudding on my quad is something I do often on warmer days.  I don't like when people try to mess with me.

Three Interesting Things

First Interesting Thing

One interesting thing about me is that I love going shopping.  Zumiez and Tillys are my favorite stores.  I have the skater style.  Although, sometimes, I wear items from Victoria's Secret and Forever 21.

Second interesting thing

I secretly love to sing.  I sing constantly except when I'm in school.  I won't sing in front of large groups of people because I have really bad stage fright.  I also blush extremely bad all the time.

third interesting thing

I am a big dreamer.  I daydream and I play situations in my head all day.  I make big plans for the future and I plan things out.  I know what I want to do and I will earn it.


1. My first goal is that I want to maintain my GPA of 4.20.  Or at least maintain a 4.0.

2. My second goal is to workout on a better schedule.  I tend to workout on a scattered schedule.  I would like to fix that so I can get better toned.

3. My third goal is to wake up earlier.  When I wake up late I feel rushed and it stresses me out.  I feel like I don't have enough time to get everything done.

Place i want to visit

I've wanted to go to Jamaica for a long time now.  I love the beaches and the heat.  Plus, I've always wanted to go to the ocean.  I just think Jamaica would be really awesome and fun.

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