2012: what a year!

and yet 2013 could hold even more in store

2012 has been wild for TRIAL in terms of activities launched and decisions or rulings obtained.

From Algeria to Nepal, Bosnia to Burundi, Guatemala to Switzerland, we've been more active than ever, submitting more cases and reports, obtaining more results, media attention, political support, all of this while growing our activities, projects and staff like never before.

To all of you, from the volunteers, to the board members, from the interns to the staff, a warm and heartfelt thank you!

some worries...

The only cause for worry is the state of our finances.

As you know, 2012 was tough, and we are ending in a less favorable situation than hoped for.

But 2013 doesn't look too bad at this stage, and with a little luck (and some work), we could even at last obtain some of the funding that we desperately need to continue and develop our activities in an efficient and less-stressful working environment.

So hopefully we'll be able to treat pending staff and office issues (and thanks to all who've had to work in difficult situations, I know in particular the amount of unpaid overtime work is just gigantic), offer better working conditions to all, and more efficient services to the victims.

coming up!

Early into 2013, we'll face some challenges with three of our staff about to deliver babies (see, already good news there!).

But the projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nepal and Burundi will continue. So will the reporting to the treaty bodies.

On the side of novelties, TRIAL is looking into hiring an investigator in Bosnia and Herzegovina to work on possible universal jurisdiction cases. A criminal complaint is about to be filed in Switzerland on a case of war crimes (the suspect is living in our country), and a growing number of cases are being investigated, including a case about a corporation. We’ll also know soon if we can develop new activities in Croatia, and are looking into working on possible Chechen and Western Sahara cases.

And our new communication officer should start working with us in early spring.

There’s is more to come: new activities, new faces, new challenges. You’re sure to get additional info as soon as the holiday season is over...

Thank you all for your support, energy, ideas, hard work, good humour and dedication to the cause of the victims of international crimes. I do very much look forward to more of it, with all of you, in our struggle for justice and accountability during the whole of 2013.


Happy new year to everybody!

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