Ode, Epic, Ballad Poems:

Ode to Fries

Awww… Fries

How I love thee

How I love your GOLDEN skin.

How I love the way you melt in my mouth.

The way McDonalds cook you is sooo perfect.

Your crunchy skin.

The way your hot and ready...YUMMM

And with ketchup, just to die for.

I love the little white dots all over you.
The salt… makes mouth water.

You do wonders inside my mouth.

I just love your perfection in every way.

The GOLDEN skin.

Your crispiness.

The way you sizzle and pop in grease.

The way you crunch in my mouth… just to die for.

And your smell.

You smell better than babies.

Awww… Fries.

How I love thee.

Official Ballad:

Dear Sixth Graders,

I bet you worried about sixth grade, I was worried too,

But there’s nothing to worry about

That’s what I’m about to show you.

Rock Quarry is not very big…

So, dont worry about getting lost.

The halls are big as a twig.

You always have teachers and friends

The lockers are not very hard

Please don’t put a lot of things in them,

The lockers are not very big, unlike your back yard

Maybe this will poem, will be able to help you.

The teachers are strict…

But they’re very nice and funny. .

Most teachers are laid back and slick.

Especially Ms. Ramsay, Ms. WIlliams, Mrs, Mcdaniel and more.

Always be on time…

Every time you’re late, you get marked tardy.

Just three words… GET A PASS

Bad Grades… don’t worry about them…

MOST of the time you have the retake policy

If you’re nice and sweet, like a gem

But don’t wait on the last day to do retakes (it won’t work)

So I hope you enjoy sixth grade.

I know I did.

If you ever need help,

I’ll be your aide.

Epic: Reverend T.Y. Rogers

There he was, fighting for the removal of “whites” only signs in Tuscaloosa County Courthouse.

Him and the Tuscaloosa Citizens for Action Committee were at courthouse.

They were peacefully protesting and fighting for no discrimination.

Before we continue, let’s start from the beginning.Reverend T.Y. Rogers was born 1935.

While growing up, he saw how everybody treated him and everybody who had the same color of skin like him.

He wanted to stop it.

So he decided to do something about.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev T.Y. Rogers met together one day and decided to change somethings in cities on the south.

So, they went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That’s when they saw that this city treated the african americans the worst.

Telling them what they can do and what can do.

They decided to form an organization to help Tuscaloosa, it was named Tuscaloosa Citizens for Action Committee.

Reverend T.Y. Rogers showed bravery and courage as he continued to protest, even while they bomb his church and shot at it.

He continued to help the elderly and people who were living on the streets.

Martin Luther King and him decided to march to courthouse, but the officers wouldn't let them through.

So, they tried again, wouldn’t let them through.

Finally, the president heard and sent the national guard to protect them while they march. In the end, they remove the ¨white¨ only signs in Tuscaloosa. Sadly, he died in a car accident.

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