Poetry sound devices;)

BY: Emory R. and Katie R.

Onomatopoeia Poem

Paraphrase: The poem "Crack The Egg" is about all the steps of how to make breakfast.

Examples: Crack and sizzle

Any other devices?: Rhythm and rhyme.

Simile Poem

Paraphrase: The poem "My Family" is about a young girl describing about how she has a crazy family, but she loves them anyways.

Examples: Mom is like a fire, brother is like a tornado, and my sister is like a snowstorm.

Any other devices?:Metaphors and hyperbole.

Rhythm Poem

Paraphrase: This poem is about three baby birds that don't want to go to sleep, but their mom is trying to get them to sleep.

Examples: Three baby birds playing in their nest, Mummy said no it's time for rest.

Any other devices?: Rhyme


Paraphrase: This poem is just comparing a book to many different things.

Examples: A book is like an open flower, a book is like a crafty fox, a book is like a fairy's wings, etc.

Any other devices?: Yes, rhythm and rhyme.

Personification poem

Paraphrase: This poem is talking about how all of the dinner foods and other items are being silly.

Examples: The teapot sang as the water boiled, the ice cubes cackled in their glass, the teapots chatted to one another, etc.

Any other devices?: Rhyme and rhythm.

Hyperbole Poem

Paraphrase: This poem is about a giant man, and his belongings.

Any other devices?: Rhyme and rhythm.