Poetry Portfolio

Table of Contents

  1. General Requirements
  2. Poem Categories
  3. Tackk Page Guidelines
  4. More Information (with timeline, Tackk tutorial, and links to helpful resources)


You'll create a "poetry portfolio" on a Tackk page, like this one. So this Tackk serves to both explain the project requirements and provide an example of what your Tackk page might look like.

You should find 3 - 5 poems, and create a Tackk page to showcase them. This is an opportunity to read poetry more widely and discover poems that interest you. See below for more information!


First, find at least one poem for each of the following three categories.

(You may have more than one poem per category if you choose, but please have at least one.)

1) Another poem by an author we read in this unit

Which of the poets we've read recently intrigued you most? Choose from:

  • Gwendolyn Bennett
  • e. e. cummings
  • Robert Frost
  • Langston Hughes
  • Ezra Pound
  • William Carlos Williams

2) A poem by a poet we haven't read in class

Our theme as been "heritage" for this unit, both historical and literary. So take this chance to explore poets you might not get to read in school!

You can choose a poet from any time period or any country... but I would encourage you to look into contemporary poets who are writing today. Poetry isn't just about dead white guys!

3) A poem on a topic that matters to you

You could just Google "[topic] poems" if you want... but make sure if you do that to pick work from an established poet. In other words, you want to find quality stuff, which may not be the first thing that pops up on a search engine.


You could check out the "Resources" below! Some of the sites have poems categorized by theme / subject.

Tackk Page

Then, showcase your chosen poems on a Tackk page. Design your Tackk page as you see fit, using colors and features that appeal to you. Below are some basic guidelines / requirements for organizing your Tackk page.


Use headlines to separate your poems and keep your page organized. I'd suggest including the title and author of the poem in a headline.


Please include a related picture for each poem, before or after the headline.

Poems & Commentaries

  • Include the text of the poem itself, making sure to maintain any line breaks and formatting from the original poem.
  • Also write a brief commentary for each poem, explaining why you chose it, which category it fulfills, any interesting points about the poem or author, etc. Commentaries should be in complete sentences, and they should not exceed a length of five sentences.

More Information


  • 4/7: Portfolio introduction... you're looking at it!
  • 4/8: A work day... finish gathering your poems and start your Tackk page.
  • 4/9: Final due date... finish your Tackk page and submit in Moodle.
  • 4/10: Gallery... you'll post your Tackk page in a Moodle forum and explore others' work too!

Tackk Tutorial

I hope you enjoy using Tackk--I think it's pretty darn neat! Be sure to hit "publish" to make your page viewable.

Resources to Help You Get Started


  • Click "Occasions" to find poems categorized by theme / subject!

Poetry Foundation

  • Explore the "Subject" categories to find poems on specific topics!

Poetry Out Loud

  • Find poems with basic categories. Search gives the first three lines, which is nice, and there's also a "random poem" button! (Poetry Out Loud is also a *great* program for high school students.)


  • A program by the Library of Congress with high-interest poems selected for students.

Poetry Everywhere

  • A PBS project with videos of poems by contemporary poets.

Have fun!
Please ask if you have questions!