How To Not Kill
Your Christmas Poinsettia

Or: How Poinsettia's Are Just Like You & Me

Watering: Plants Get Thirsty Too

Examine the soil daily, when it's dry to touch get a glass of water & pour until your little heart can't pour no more. In other words, until it's draining out of the bottom.

People don't like sleeping in wet beds & neither does your Poinsettia, so don't leave it in standing water.

Sunlight: Working on that Christmas Base Tan

The Poinsettia likes to look outside longing for the days of summer just as much as you & I do. For that reason, you should place it near a sunny window where it will have the most available sunlight. No suntan lotion necessary.

Do not let any part of the plant touch the cold windowpane because the plant may turn into a magic Ice Flower, which if touched by a human may result in sporadic throwing of ice chunks.

Reflowering: Brining your Poinsettia Back To Life

This is totally possible but to be honest you're probably going to get another one next Holiday season so why bother?

Hungry: Why Not?

Oh, and don't eat the leafs because you might die.