Point One Repair

When 99.9% Just Isn't Good Enough.

The type of business I chose is an electronic repair business. My decision was based on personal interest, career outlook, and personal abilities. Due to having instinctive problem solving abilities, I thought that a career where problems may arrive often was a perfect fit for me. Not to mention the continually growing advancements in technology that will require maintenance in the future.

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Mission Statement

At Point-One, we are focused on providing computer repair and networking services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.

Services and Equiptment

Our services range from things such as removing viruses on computers all the was to replacing iPhone screens. We support Apple as well as Mac products of all kinds.

The equipment that we require to provide our services to you include: computers of our own, heat guns, a workbench, and a variety of screwdrivers.


10670 Ramm Road

Whitehouse, Ohio 43571


Our store hours are:
Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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