Our friend Bethany has been undergoing treatment for Stage IV lung cancer for the past year and has recently learned that further treatment options in the US are limited and her best course of action is traveling to the Institute for Integrative Oncology in Vienna. She'll undergo six weeks of treatment with Austrian oncologist Dr. Ralf Kleef, who specializes not only in chemotherapy and radiation, but in holistic, highly personalized treatment. His proactive approach has shown some encouraging results with late stage cancer patients.

As you can imagine, treatment of this kind is incredibly expensive. We are trying, in our small way, to offset the cost to her family so that they can all concentrate on Bethany's health. You can donate directly at Love for B or you can purchase a print below! All proceeds go directly to Bethany's family.  

The prints below are 8 x 10 enlargements of actual instant photographs taken with my Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera and Impossible Project film. They retain all of the quirky Polaroid qualities we love! These photos are mounted to single weight matboard and frame ready! If you are in Cleveland you are welcome to pick up your photograph from my studio or I am happy to send it to you wherever you may live! Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.


Suzanne Price | Suzuran Photography | suzanne@suzuranphotography.com

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3 years ago

I am a glass artist, and would like to contribute a glass vase for sale to the cause. Can you let me know how to get involved?