The Case for Kishka

Can "Polish Power" usher in a new era of Cleveland Browns football?

Here we go, Brownies! Here we go!

No one in Cleveland was more pumped about the Browns hiring new head coach — Rob "Chud" Chudzinski — than grand polka master DJ Kishka.

Forecasting a new era in Cleveland Browns football, DJ Kishka sees "Polish Power" as the key ingredient that's been missing from a franchise that's been playoff free since 2002-03.

So, Chudzinki's the answer? Well, not necessarily. DJ Kishka wants more Polish, more power. He's angling to be head jumbotron cheerleader (with trusty sidekick Babcia Flo) for the new Browns era.

He'll lead accordion-intoned versions of "Here we go, Brownies!" and all the traditional sports chants and cheers we know by heart.

And I think if we ask nicely, DJ Kishka can finally give Cleveland its own fight song! (My god, I hope there could be a free-bratwurst day with polka-spinning halftime show in the works too.)

Petition for Polish Power.

I say, let's do this Cleveland! Polish, polka-loving or not: let's hardcore petition the Cleveland Browns to appoint DJ Kishka master of the jumbotron and to usher in the "Polish Power" era of Cleveland Browns football. Worst that can happen? We win the Super Bowl.

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