Online Reputation Management is the Holy Grail for Politicians

There is a saying that a single lie can destroy the whole reputation of integrity. And in politics, integrity is the sole criterion of your success. The bottom line is that “A bad online reputation can even cost a politician the election”. This is the age of the internet where any information can spread like a wildfire and go viral with just a click of a button. There have been many instances where a small lie has toppled political careers and severely hindered one’s ability to govern. This makes online reputation management, one of the most beneficial tools in the hands of a politician.

Politics in the age of Internet: When it comes to politics, a huge portion of the debate runs on the Internet nowadays. It has been found that more than half of the adult population turned to internet during the 2008 presidential election to obtain information about the candidates. There have been an alarming number of cyber libel faced by politicians these days. Moreover, they also face the inevitable dangerous side of free speech. So what is the best possible solutions in this scenario where politicians want their online image to be as “clean” as possible with no controversial or negative content whatsoever?

Bury the Negative Reviews before it buries your Political Career: If we really think about the way the public debate works, we can see that it all about timing and being ready for reputation attacks when they come. There, it becomes really important to keep track of everything being said in real time. Moreover, having a positive image beforehand can also help in diminishing the effects of a defamation. Although you can’t control what is being said on the internet, you can surely take a step to control the fallout and mitigate a bad online reputation. You may want to find a way to manage your online reputation, possibly with the help of proven ORM professionals.

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