The Story of Popcorn

   Popcorn is what we eat at the movies and is just a regular snack we can have. But do you know where it came from and how it all started. Do you know the story of a popcorn's life. If not then continue reading as you listen to this catchy popping popcorn song.

The beginning

The party pop microwave popcorn butter flavor has the main ingredients of premium popping corn, partially hydrogenated soybean oil and of course salt. Let me give you a little history lesson on where popcorn all began. In the Americas, there was different kind of corn variety including popcorn, were cultivated  by Mayans and Aztecs in central America and Mexico. The earliest poppers of popcorn MAY have thrown it into the fire and when it jumped out of the flame they ate it.

   The popcorn is from the U.S.A which makes sense since they grow a lot of corn. Now popcorn also some Zea mays, is the only popcorn that pops. It is also not dried kernels of sweet corn. Popcorn seeds are breed to produce different traits such as grain colour and successful popping. Plant breeders select popcorn for genetic  traits by inbreeding. This leads to genetic segregation, the plant breeder is now able to identify select and save the seeds. It takes up to eight years of inbreeding, can you believe it! The popcorn is grown in the United States. In about seven days the seed will germinate and in ten days it will emerge from the soil. The popcorn stalk will reach about eight feet in height as it grows. The popcorn is ready when the stalk and leaves are brown and dry. After the corn is taken care of until the kernel reaches a moisture content of 12.3%-13.5%, which is ideal for popping.

Popcorn Process

In the factory, the dry ears of popcorn is put on a conyer belt to the factory also an machine. A cleaner and de-stoner sort out the dirt. In a part of the factory called a fanning mill, you can probably guess what it does. It fans off the dust and other materials on the corn. No types of popcorn with no additives so like nothing add to it at all, go to holding bins. While microwave popcorn, a measured amount of salt, soybean oil, and other ingredients are pumped in the microwave bags that are air-tight. Now in the packaging area, popcorn is put in holding bin waiting to be packaged. It will be place in bags and boxes for shipment.


The popcorn is then transported either by truck or plane to get to it's destination. In this case is Canada Dollorama Montreal where it will get  transported again to other Dollorama stores. The Party Pop Microwave Popcorn will end up on the shelves of Dollorama anyhow. Then you would buy and it bring it to your lovely home as the popcorn wait eagerly for it to be popped and enjoyed after all that time of preparation.

The end of the popcorn's life

    For the popcorn to be eaten it has to be put in the microwave for about two minutes if you don't want to have brunt kernels. After the popcorn is done popping it's ready to be eaten but be careful because the bag may be hot. You can now enjoy your popcorn. But of course there might be leftovers, brunt kernels you don't want to eat, or kernels that sadly didn't get the chance to pop. Also the bag, plastic wrapper, and box it came in has to go somewhere. You usually find the popcorn and popcorn kernels with the packaging in the garbage. Even though the box is cardboard and I'm guessing you can recycle it, it does not have the recycle sign which some people can take as it can't be recycled or just being lazy and throws it in the garbage without checking. So the waste goes to the dump with the rest of the garage and the leftover popcorn life ends with a sad ending not like the ones eaten. No one wants to be thrown away after going through such trouble.

Top 3 Ingredients

Premium popping corn

Partially hydrogenated soybean oil


I hope you enjoyed the story of popcorn's life. I hope you remember this story every time you eat popcorn. How it had to be inbreed by a plant breeder to where they added a measured amount of salt and soybean oil. I also hoped you enjoyed the popcorn song. Thank you for reading.

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