Population Control

Evan Blinn | Medical Assisting | Bioethics


According to Dictionary.com, Population Control is a policy attempting to limit the growth in numbers of a population, especially in poor parts of the world that are densely populated, by programs of contraception or sterilization.

History / Current Events

Population Control is not a new concept.

It has been around since ancient times of the world before records were being taken formally.

1763 The British during the French-Indian War. The Native Americans greatly outnumbered the British and were suspected of being on the side of the French. As an "act of good will" the British give blankets to the Indians, but the blankets came from a hospital that was treating smallpox victims and consequently smallpox raged through the Native American community and devastated their numbers.

1938 Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 6 to 7 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and the mentally ill,  were rounded up and exterminated.

Inside a gas chamber at Auschwitz.


1979 China's One-Child Policy was introduced after failed attempts at promoting birth control, stating that legally, a family of ethnic Han majority may only have one child (the law exempts some ethnic minorities.) Since then, reports of sterilization and abortion have drastically increased, preventing at least 250 million births.

New reports confirm that this harsh policy is loosening it's grip, allowing individuals raised an only child, to have two children.

Many babies illegally born are left in cardboard boxes along the road for



  • 146 women become pregnant who did not plan or wish it;
  • 90 women experience a pregnancy-related complication;
  • 35 women have an unsafe abortion;
  • 9 people are newly infected with HIV/AIDS;
  • 1 woman dies from a pregnancy-related cause.

Birth Control

"Birth control is any method used to prevent pregnancy. Another word for birth control is contraception." -WebMD

10% of US births are from mothers younger than 19.

62% of women in childbearing years (19-38) use some form of contraception.

Pros and Cons of Population Control


  • Reduction of the emission of carbon due to energy increase, through production due to higher demand.
  • Less babies are born into broken families with mothers that aren't ready to support a child
  • We can end world hunger
  • Lessening Poverty


  • Some call population control a disruption to the way of nature
  • Can be inhumane
  • Some contraception methods may have a lasting effect on a woman's fertility.
  • Takes away rights of a family
  • Leads to government control

My Opinion

My personal opinion is that population control is a necessary evil.  Planned parenthood is one method of helping to reduce the number of unplanned births, therefore reducing population growth.  Government regulations should be in place to regulate the situation in which a family can legally have and support child.  Abortion should stay legal. Contraception should be promoted and discussed between adults and teenagers.