Introducing #POPUPUNIAC!

The Why

Learning Through Making - Constructionism

Mitchel Resnick explains a bit more about Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age

3 Kits - No tech, Low Tech, High Tech

We wanted to make sure that a maker mindset was reinforced and not just exploring high tech toys. That is why each #popup has it's own theme and activities.

The kits each have 3 activities inside that can be set up as an exploration area in the library or a classroom, or can be used individually.


As we have been exploring we realized we had to provoke both student and educator learning. Prompts have been created to help with the reflection process both for educators as they are exploring the environment and for learners after they have engaged with the activities.

Sign Up

How will you get the kit? At this point sunrise meeting members will get the first call.

Sharing on Twitter

We are hoping that as schools explore, they share their creations, ideas, questions and wonderings to the #popupuniac hashtag.

Looking forward to the learning ahead!