As a course project your duty will consist in designing your own Portfolio using a virtual platform in which you'll be able to expose samples of your work, reflect your own experiences on it and compile all the activities done along the course.

  1. Write a first post introducing yourselves (some personal and professional information). Write also about the purposes of these sessions, about your expectations and your experience about using ICT in your classrooms.
  2. Write about the applications or apps shown during the course. Check out the possibilities of them in your classroom.
  3. Write a post consisting on a kind of final conclusion about the course. Have your expectations been accomplished? Try to summarize your thoughts by using key words. You can create a Wordle attaching it in your article. Do you think you’ll change some methodological aspects of your teaching practice because of these new possibilities?

You can use Tackk. It's a simple way to create beautiful pages on the web. It's your very own page, flyer, blog post, or poster. See the instructions in this tutorial.