Portable Ice Makers - Which is BEST?

We've been shopping around for one of those portable ice maker machines that sit on your countertop and have been a bit over-whelmed with ALL the options and different models available.

To shortcut my research, I decided to see what other sites had to say about these ice makers so I could pick which one to buy.

This buying guide was REALLY helpful... AND they had the answer I've been looking for.

Which portable ice maker does Consumer Reports say is "best"?

Turns out that Consumer Reports says that THIS specific portable ice maker is best.

So now I'm torn...

I really want this red portable ice maker (shown in the picture above) but the reviews aren't REALLY great. But after really reading the reviews, it turns out that those that didn't rate it highly had shipping issues meaning: nothing wrong with the ice maker itself. (read the reviews here)

Or I'll get the one Consumer Reports rated best (and it's a good bit cheaper than the red one too - so that's a definite plus!)

The one in the picture below is the one Consumer Reports picked - and those reviews are MUCH more positive. (read those reviews here)

This is the model that Consumer Reports picked as best.