Posh Pigs

Distinguished Breeder of Teacup Pigs

About Posh Pigs

Well-known teacup pig breeder Posh Pigs serves customers across the nation who are interested in owning lovable, tiny pigs as pets. Some teacup pig breeders misrepresent the size of their pigs by posting pictures of very young pigs online. However, Posh Pigs, and its owner Angela Logue, delay posting sale snapshots of pigs until they are at least four months old. This allows customers to get a better understanding of the pigs’ true look and their possible adult size.

By keeping their piglets with their mothers longer, Posh Pigs also ensures the piglets’ can gain the proper immunity from their mother’s milk. Several university studies show that weaning pigs too early can hinder piglets’ development into healthy adults.

Angela Logue welcomes visitors at her Posh Pigs facility in Georgia. Here, she cares for the pigs in a household environment to accustom them to life as a family pet. The breeder also utilizes a USDA-certified veterinarian to supervise, vaccinate, and neuter the pigs.

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