The Poster Fair

Cavilam-Alliance Française, 13-17 July 2015

The 11 champions: Clément, Fanny, Franck-Emmanuel, Maxime, Marie-Clothilde, Marien, Régis, Thomas, Valentin, Victor & Victoria

with their teacher: Carmenne K.-THAPLIYAL

Our group

The Grand Posters

A poster fair was held on the 16th of July 2015 by 14-16 year old students attending an English language summer camp at the Cavilam of Vichy, France. They spent a week preparing their posters promoting a less known sport. The posters were finally presented at the fair to students of other classes and to their teachers. The audience asked questions and finally voted for the best poster-cum-presentation. Out of a total of 51 votes, Group A won the competition with a total of 22 votes, while Group B came in second with 14 votes.

You will find pictures of the posters here below. Don't miss the tags mentioning the sport that was promoted!

Who we are...

Group A, Poster "Tchouckball"

[Franck’s jam]

Far is my earth

Right here is my hearth

Am I a bad killer

No, I’m really better

Check my group now

Know that they’re original

Eager for the first day

Many people would like to be like them

Members of the TBSA

And makers of the Tchouckball poster

Nobody can equal us

U are great people, fun to work with

Even if it is just the end

Let me say: I’ll never forget

This group’s 5 tips for making a good presentation are:

1. You must have an effective group

2. Not be difficult

3. Be motivated

4. Be a good speaker

5. Like what you are doing

Group B with “Sepak Takraw”

During the week, we were members of a ball sport association and we worked on the poster B, which was “Sepak Takraw”. This is an Asian sport that is spectacular to watch and we think that it deserves to be better known. We encourage people of the entire world to support this sport.

Virility is the key to success

Intelligence to be the best

Cavilam is great for the brain

Try again and again

Or you will regret unless you are

Ready to have fun and meet new friends


Come on, it’s the holidays

Leave your parents

Enjoy your week and

Make new friends


Now do your best

To be happy

This group’s 5 tips for making a good presentation are:

1. Watch and convince the audience

2. Be simple and speak loudly

3. Make friends with people

4. Be enthusiastic

5. Tell a story

Group C with "Bed Racing"

Régis, Marie and Thomas

Group D of "Underwater Ice Hockey"

Hello! We are Victoria, Fanny and Maxime. We are 17, 16 and 16 years old. Victoria and me (Fanny) became friendly thanks to the Cavilam. We both play an instrument, we like sports and we are both average in English.

During the week, Fanny, Maxime and I presented a poster called "Underwater Ice Hockey", which is an extreme sport in Austria. It was great fun! We learnt a lot. Our professor and we created a competition with our posters. We lost it... and we were sad... but we had fun!!!

For us, the 5 tips for making a good presentation are:

1. Focus on the audience

2. Keep it simple

3. Rehearse

4. Make friends with people

5. Be enthusiastic.

Just a few snapshots

We would like to thank the other teachers Brenda, Carmen, Isabelle and Margaret for their support, and all the other students who participated in the poster fair and made our day very memorable indeed :)


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