Pot au Feu

By Brianna F

This is a pic of some delicious Pot au Feu.

Pot au Feu in the pot.


- boiled meat

- vegetables  

- *spices      

- *French Bread

* Items marked with an asterisk are optional.


  • Pot au Feu was originally served to the poor
  • "easy" dish to make
  • rich people would occasionally eat it
  • but rich have it served specially (stuffed in bird)**
  • most celebrated dish in France
  • honors both rich and poor

Quantité / Qualité

There is mainly just one type of Pot au Feu but you can use different meats in the stew (e.g. chicken, beef, lamb, etc.).

Pot au Feu means stew but directly translates to "pot on fire" or "pot of fire". Stew is pretty good, and Pot au Feu is even better because they manage to sneak in some veggies.


Since Pot au Feu is the most famous and widely appreciated food in France, it is eaten and celebrated everywhere (unless you are a tourist, then you don't know).

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