Lance Armstrong, Tessa Bonhomme, Larry Fitzgerald,  John Lester, Lamar Odom, Sanya Richards-Ross, P.K. Subban, Julian Wilson.  

Studies show that around 40% of people today will get cancer in their lifetime. Most of which is lung, skin, and colorectal cancer more than breast cancer. Livestrong is funded by some research facilities and strongly supports that people get tested. Other than the Lance Armstrong inciedent the Livsestrong foundation is a well known and great foundation with a great track record.

Livestrong was founded in 1997 and in 2009 they moved to their now permanent home in Austin, Texas. Every year they fund numerous events all over the US. They have organized marathons and live charity events. They except open donations as well as collect money from events, like marathons, other running events and planned shows in which people pay to participate in. December 9th in Florida there is a charity walk off. They also provide cheap gear and equipment for those with cancer. Most recently the Livestrong foundation announced the appointments of Kenya Johnson as vice president of programs and Heather Wajer as vice president of marketing.

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