the power of purpose

"When people have the knowledge, they can find solutions without having to be helped out. Information is powerful but it is how we use it that will define us."  zack matere

Watch, it's a great way to spend 2 minutes:

Zack had a purpose; to save his farm. He went out and acquired the knowledge that he needed to solve his problem. He didn't stop there. He took the method that he used to construct knowledge and he found a way to share with his community. The tool was not available to all, BUT one member found a way to bring the knowledge to his community in the best way available to him. A learning community was created and with proper nurturing, it has the potential to become self-sustaining.

This is exactly the type of learning community that can be created by teachers to drive their own learning. No one told Zack what he needed to learn or why he needed to learn it. He was introduced to a way of learning and constructing knowledge. He was not driven by a command or directive, he was driven by purpose.

Tapping into purpose is a powerful driver for learning.

What if educational leaders created a platform and provided the supports for teachers to learn and construct PLN's similar to Zack's example?