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Or... You Could Clean by Scrubbing it all Yourself (sigh)

A shower is a great way to remove all the sweat and grime that you've accumulated from a day of hard work or hard play. But showers need to be kept clean in order to be effective. After all, you're not going to feel very clean if your shower is dirtier than you are.

So what's the best way to clean your shower? Follow these instructions in order to make sure that you quickly and effectively clean all the dirt and grime from your shower so that you and your family will feel comfortable and clean after they've taken a shower.

First, take out all the shower accessories that are lying around the shower area. Razors, soap, shampoo bottles, back scrubbers, and loofahs should all be removed from the shower before you start cleaning, and put them in a bucket or in a corner somewhere. Also remove the bath mat or floor stickers, and throw out anything that needs disposing of, such as empty bottles or anything mouldy.

Second, rinse out the entire shower. Use some kind of container, like a bucket or cup, to rinse the walls and floor and make sure that all the loose hair and dirt go down the drain. If you have a shower extension, you can use that to be more effective. You're only after the loose hair and dirt with this step, so there's no need to be extremely fastidious.

Third, use a mildew spray. These sprays can be picked up at any store that carries cleaning supplies. Spray the walls of your shower, let it sit for a while, then rinse or wipe it off. Make sure you read the instructions on the bottle and follow them in order to make sure that you don't make any mistakes.

Fourth, look for hard water spots. If you find any, you can remove them with a cleaning solution mixing equal parts vinegar and hot water. A little scrubbing and those hard water spots should disappear. Also use this mixture in order to shine your shower knobs.

Fifth, use the cleaning solution of vinegar and hot water to clean your shower curtain or shower door. If there are some particularly difficult to clean areas here, an all-purpose bathroom cleaner might be called for in order to power them away.

Sixth, clean the shower tiles. Run the shower at full heat in order to steam it up. Make sure to keep the steam running for 2 minutes. This will help loosen the dirt. Then turn the shower off and use the vinegar mixture in order to scrub the tiles.

Seventh, remove the showerhead and soak it in a bowl of vinegar. If it's particularly crusty, you may have to soak it overnight. Use an old toothbrush and a toothpick to clean out the remaining grit.

Eighth, unscrew the cap on your shower drain, reach in, and pull out all the hair. You may want to wear gloves for this. There's a tool called a Zip-it Drain Cleaner that can make this process easier.

Follow these instructions and you will end up with a clean shower that you can be proud of.Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/6179372

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