Power Tree Corp

A Powerful Aid to Existing Green Energy Technologies

About Power Tree Corp

Incorporated in 2008, Miami, Florida’s Power Tree Corp was built upon a firm dedication to provide a viable solution for grid scale energy storage, one of the largest energy challenges of the modern era. Over the years, it has been designing and developing proprietary energy storage technologies that are environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and economically sound. Power Tree Corp’s long-discharge energy storage system operates in conjunction with existing green energy technologies to deliver consistent, clean, and cost-effective stored electric power output.

Extended storage capability is absolutely vital to the success of any wind or solar power system. Although green power sources hold tremendous potential as viable alternatives to fossil fuels, they suffer from issues of consistency. Neither wind nor sun rays are always amply available when needed for the energy needs of countries around the globe. Power Tree Corp’s long-discharge storage technology is designed to mitigate this issue by storing megawatt hours of wind and solar power when available for use at peak times, and thus maximizing efficiencies during peak and off-peak hours.

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