similarity figures

Hi guys ,Today im going to be showing you guys on how to identify similar figures.There will be a video at the end of this in case  you still don't understand this .Let's get started

First this figure is a translation figure because a translation figure is a transformation that slides a figure from one position to another without turning. Lets get started to solving if the figures are the same or not.

Step 1: First you find the straight line that goes down in the left side of the triangle then find   AB/ DE =3/6 or 2/1. I got that because AB equals 3 and DE equals 6 with a straight line for both. After words you reduce your fraction to dividing 3/6 to  get 2/1.

Step 2: Its the same thing as the other  one .First you find BC/EF =4/8 or 2/1.You get that from getting the straight line at the bottom of the triangle which BC is 4 and EF is 8 and then you reduce 4/8 and divide them together to get 2/1 by reducing .

Step3: You get AC/DF which equals 5/10 . You get AC from connecting the lines that are up and the top and you also get DF from connecting the straight line at the top of triangle which gives you AC/DF .Then you get the numbers that are beside it and make it as a fraction which is 5/10 after words, you reduce it and get 2/1. Lastly , you will notice that in the each of the fractions they all equaled to 2/1

AB/DE=3/6 OR 2/1

BC/EF=4/8OR 2/1

AC/DF=5/10OR 2/1

If you are a little confused chek the videos below and ,I hope you understand .Bye!

Hi guys, these two videos im showing you guys are how to find similar figures. If your still confused then just watch these and you'll get the idea of what am talking about. Basically, the same thing is taught but just in talking. The second video that is up can give you an idea in the beginning of the video of how to do it but at the end it will confuse you so just follow my directions on how to do it and watch it tell it stops when I didn't explain the material.But the first video is nice two ,you just have to listen carefully through my directions and the videos direction.

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