Communidades V:

Joaquin Thomas; 5th Periodo; Burkhardt; Espanol IV:

My Experience:

For the fifth Communidades, i chose to watch a podcast that was featured on Moodle. This particular podcast was that of Rick Steves, his show consists of different global reports that fuse together various aspects of a specific locales culture and present them in an accessible manner. The one that I watched focused on the Seville region of Spain, and it provided me with an exposition of the culture and history of Seville, as well as the architecture, religion, design, and social dynamic of the Spanish state.

What I Learned from my Experience:

Although the twenty-two minute video log of Seville exposed me to a large amount of information, some things stand out more than others. For example, Steves spoke for a good four to five minutes regarding the "Catedral de Sevilla", one of the largest cathedrals in the world, outmatched in size only by St. Peter's in Vatican City and St. Basil's in Russia. I found it interesting that the alleged remains of Christopher Columbus may lay in this cathedral. After they were moved from Cuba back to Spain, they supposedly rest in the heart of this cathedral, while there is no proof, Sevillien's like to think they are the authentic remains of the discoverer of the New World.

How This Information can be Useful:

This information has provided me with a better context of what some European countries, such as Spain, are like. Because the United States has a very distinct state-federal bureaucratic relationship, and such a strong sense of nationalism, I found it interesting that although many of these territories in Spain share a common flag, their allegiances may lay with their specific territory.

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