The best moments of 7th grade

By Ronen Ku

These are a collection of my favorite moments this year.

My Favorite Hela moments

The epic fail

In language arts I was chosen to lie for an activity. Usually, it isn't that hard to lie when I need to but this lie needed to be based around someone else's story. What this meant was I could not make it my own, this caused me to have a nervous breakdown and start cracking up which I now find very funny.

Road of trials

The Road of Trials activity was was one of, if not my favorite things that we did this year in Language Arts. What we had to do in this was complete a series of activities involving thinking outside of the box and teamwork so we would not have to take tests the next week. It ended up being really fun and we also did not have to take tests! (yesssssssss)


Camo games

Camo games was probably my favorite activity at camp Mowana, you got to be sneaky, you got to chase people down and then get chased down. It was definitely one of if not my favorite activity at camp. Unfortunately our team lost right before we got the flag across the line but it was still really fun.

Favorite Core class moment

I believe I can fly

This event happened in gym and at the beginning hurt very much but later, I came to appreciate it due to the fact that it was hilarious. What happened was that we were all playing PAC-man and everyone ran in different directions to the same place. When this happened, the two people in front of me hit each other and I hit their feet. When this happened I went flying and at least got about a second of airtime before I hit the ground, it hurt but was almost worth it.

Doing well

Tips for incoming 7th graders:

Join a sport or club that you think you'll enjoy, you'll enjoy the activities and make friends. You should also try to finish all of your projects and make sure to check over them and improve them so you do not have to revise. Also, most of you already have a group of friends but for those of you that don't, make sure to find one with people that are like you or that you get along with. This is a really important one: Make sure you can go to camp. Do not do anything stupid enough to get kicked out, camp is really fun and you do not want to miss it.

My 10th favorite moment of 7th grade

10. Ghost's in the graveyard

At Ethan Cain's birthday party at about midnight, I suggested that we play ghosts in the graveyard. I taught them all the really fun way to play it. After that we established that Luke is the first ghost, he was really good at it. We all searched for him for about ten minutes, then we split up and Evan and I found him however, he saw us first. I yelled something I probably shouldn't write because of how surprising it was then I ran and made it away, Evan did not. After that we were picked off one by one. When I finally became a ghost, I found a really good place to jump out from. Evan, Luke and I nearly scared them to death. Overall, it was a really fun experience.

9. Halloween

Halloween this year was probably the best Halloween I've ever experienced. The reason was because this year I went with only friends so most of the time was spent joking around. We also got about 4 pounds of candy each which was definitely a positive.

8. The scare

This event was brief but definitely one of the funnier events of this year. It's also pretty self explanatory so I'm not going to write that much. Basically me, Evan, Garrett, Ethan, and Logan went to Jack's house. I don't remember who but someone suggested we should play this scary game in complete dark. I actually thought it sounded really fun so I said "Why not." I told them we should set up a camera in case something really funny happens, I guess that was a good call...

7. Blossom Festival 2015


Blossom was pretty fun this year but pretty different than it usually was. What I was used to was going on all of the rides just messing around with friends but this year I went with different people and we mostly just talked, hanged out, and walked around. Also... yes, I was looking at the wrong iPhone.

6. Bulls eyes

One of the most satisfying moments of archery is when you hit the dead center. These are a couple of the many bulls eyes I've made this year. It never gets old, it's always satisfying no matter what.

5. The Arizona vacation

During the summer of 2014 my family and I all flew to Arizona. This trip took me to three notable places in Arizona. The first was Sedona (the second picture). The second location was the Grand Canyon (The first picture... obviously). The third and final location was Phoenix, I couldn't find any pictures for it, they all ended up being pictures of girls.

4. Paintball

Paintball today at synergy woods

My friends and I went to paintball three times so far this year. The first two were at Synergy Woods and the third was at Pinnacle Woods. All three were really fun, we had some pretty awesome moments too like when our team flanked around a pond and got the flag. This was one of my favorite things that we did this year.

3. Archery Tournaments

This year I competed in two archery tournaments. I got first place in my division (The cub division) in both tournaments that I competed in. Both were indoor tournaments at Case Western Reserve University. However, there were different people and had different distances and target sizes at each which made it interesting because it presented new challenges to overcome.

2. Camp Mowana

Seventh grade camp was a great experience, there are so many great moments from it that I decided to just group it all as one event. Our bunk was really great too, there was not a single person I disliked in it. We also did well at the sports and found a way to make almost anything and everything into a joke.

1. The trip to Africa

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves as to how the trip was but I'll say it again, the trip was amazing. It started out with a 16 hour flight where I got to experience a real "long flight," I also got to experience an unsatisfactory feeling because the ending of "Gone Girl" could have been better in my opinion. After we landed, we flew on small bush planes to our first camp Kanana where we saw an amazing sunset, a female lion, and her cubs and giraffes. We saw a lot more than I'm going to saw we did but I don't want to make this a really long presentation. After two days we got on another plane and flew to Okuti where we saw a lot of male lions. Then we flew to the third camp were we saw hyena's and more of what we saw from the other camps. Then for the last two days we flew to Victoria Falls and saw the falls. Then flew home. This was definitely the best experience of the year.


Always give your 110%

Al La Carte


Lunch wasn't that good this year because I got separated from all of my friends but when you are with them, it's really fun.

The dances

The dances were pretty fun this year, especially the one at camp during them I mostly just messed around with friends and danced. I definitely recommend that everyone goes.

Cross Country

Cross Country was really fun, especially if you have people to talk to. Cross country is all about how long you can run fast and because it's about endurance and running as long as you can, it's fun to talk to people during. I really enjoyed it.

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Great pictures Ronen!! Looks like you have had lots of memories.

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I loved the pictures of Africa. You probably loved Africa as much as I did.