52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 25/ Album 25

Who: Helmet - "Meantime"

When: 1992

Why: This song:

Where: I've seen Helmet a couple times.

When I was in 5th grade, my buddy Dave's older brother Josh got a drum set. Every once and a while he would let us play around with it.  Dave learned how to play guitar, but I couldn't. So, I tried the drums.  My parents bought me a snare so I could join the school band, and learn that way.

Then, in 1992 I was in 7th grade and I heard the song "Unsung" and it changed my life forever.  

From that point on I knew I wanted to play drums, and I wanted to play like the guy I heard, John Stainer.  I got the "Meantime" tape and listened to it daily. Air drumming the songs, and playing my mattress like it was a kit. Then, for Xmas in 1992 my parents caved in, and bought me a Space Percussion kit. That was the beginning of my drumming career.  I would put the headphones on and play to "Meantime" for hours on end. I'm sure my parents knew the beats to "In the Meantime", "Unsung" and "turned out" just as well as I thought I did (come to find out years later as I got better that alot of what John Stainer did on that record were far more advanced than I ever thought)

This record holds a special place in my heart because it really pushed me into the realm of wanting to be a musician.  Its a great record, without having it's significance on me. But the drumming of Stainer is what this album is about to me. Its so good.

In 2007, I met John and was able to thank him in person and buy him a beer. One of the best moments of my life.  How many times do you get to meet and thank the guy that influenced your passion?

Mike and I were basically starstruck in his presence. He is one of the most underrated drummers of my time. He's so good without being flashy. He is minimal and technical. Just brilliant.  I own everything he has been a part of, including all of the Helmet records he was on. I really would love to see him play these songs again. Helmet is just Page Hamilton without him.

John Stainer (along with Chad Smith) are who I mold my drumming after.