Brain Implants

This Tackk is about the brain and how implants can help people with various disabilities or diseases.  

Brain Implants

Below you will see a 3 year  old boy hear his fathers voice for the very first time. This is an example of what the cochlear implants can do.

A Cochlear Implant is for people who are deaf, with this implant it allows them to hear. A Cochlear Implant attaches to the head and behind the ear.  

A Cochlear Implant is on the outside of your head, however you get surgery to have it put into the inside of your head.

Epilepsy Implant

Epilepsy is a disorder that can cause you to have seizures at any time. This implant can detect abnormal brainwave activity.

The seizure occurs in the Temporal Lobe of your brain.

Memory Implant

A scientist by the name of Theodore Berger is doing further research on on memory implants.

Theodore and a group of scientist have been trying to figure this out. They have been experimenting on rats and monkeys.

Theodore is trying to get others to have long term memory, for those who are suffering memory loss.

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