Linda Sue Parks And Her Books

Created by : Alexis Hope Bogdanos

Linda Sue Parks Author

Who is Linda Sue Parks?

     When Linda Sue Parks said "My first publication was a haiku in a children's magazine when I was 9 years old", you should already be able to understand her love to write books (scholastic). Linda Sue Parks is an incredible author who writes heartwarming, real life, funny, and many other types of stories. "She was born and raised in Illinois"(scholastic). She also stated "My parents had immigrated to the United States from Korea. My dad was determined to have an American life, so I grew up feeling completely American."(scholastic)

What's a good book to read?

When you just don't know what to do you should read a book called "A Long Walk to Water". It is an incredibly well written book about a boy named Salva that goes on a journey in Sudan while there is a war and he has to figure out how to survive without his family and he meets new people on the way. One of the most amazing parts is that it is a true story. One of the other amazing parts is that Mrs. Parks is writing a whole other story in the same book with the same setting. Knowing that this is a good book, her other books that she has written would probably be just as good or if not even better.

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