My Feelings Survey !

1.) should people be punished for breaking the law ?

I believe people should be punished if they break the law but the type of punishment depends on what they did. I don't think they should be thrown in jail for parking tickets or for something small. They should be put in jail if they kill someone. I feel like lately cops been getting away with a lot, they abuse their authority. Cops should get the same punishment for shooting and killing someone.

2.) Being loyal to your family is important ?

I believe that being loyal to your family should be something everyone should believe in. Even though you might not always get along with them. They are 100% family and they are what gave you life and provided you with things it takes to survive in this world. It's family over everything because at the end of the day that's what is going to be there when nothing or no one else is.

3.) should everyone follow the law ?

I believe that everyone has to follow the law because if they didn't then we would live in a even more corrupt than it already it. However you shouldn't get life in prison or death row for doing some small. If you killed someone or hurt someone badly then you should get the punishment that best fits that crime. Everyone even teenagers because most feel like they can't get touched by the law because they are a minor but everyone should have consequences