Buy Barium because its the Barriest
Everyone loves fireworks with out barium no fireworks!

Barium has an atomic number of 56

Common Uses

Barium is used in fireworks to give a green coloration. Barium is used in glass making  Barium is used as a conductor in the electronics industry, to remove the last traces of gases in vacuum tubes. Barium is used in medicine in the form of a Barium Meal. It is also used as an X-Ray contrast medium.


Barium has an atomic number of 56 and an atomic weight 137.327. Barium has 56 protons, 56 electrons, and 81 neutrons

Chemical Properties

Melting Point: 727°C or 1341°F

Boiling Point: 1897°C or 3447°F

Physical Properties

Barium is a soft silvery-white metal. Barium tarnishes readily in air forming, Barium Oxide and should be stored under paraffin. Barium has physical and chemical properties which resemble Calcium.


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