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The Fall 2009 Hermes bag online store from Marc Jacobs is a fun and funky set of clutches and shoulder bags made with rich quilted leather and vibrant, eye catching colors. The collection includes a quilted gold bag with a telephone cord inspired handle, rich purple leather 'Stam' bags, and the quilted gold tone miniature bag with faux drawstring detailing. Colors are surprisingly bright and bold for the Fall season, so don't be afraid to pick up a bold turquoise, purple or red bag this season.

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In short, it's a complicated way to assign a tangible number to an intangible asset. And, of course, it doesn't take into account any product recall, oil spill, or CEO scandal that can devalue a brand instantly and alter the image of the brand for generations. But really, who can argue with Millward Brown's rankings? Their methodology is just as plausible as any other complicated calculation that anyone would concoct..

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