Michael Jackson

                 Michael Jackson was well known to many people. He was known as “The King of Pop.” He started out with a family band. ( The Jackson 5 ) His brothers were in the band. His brothers in the band were Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie, and Tito. They were a band until Michael went solo in 1972.  Michael's brothers, Jermaine and Jackie also released solo albums that year. Thankfully the brothers still performed together. In June 1972, the Jackson 5 released their last album."Looking through the Windows." Meanwhile Michael's third album, music in me was released. Michael was growing up as he soon saw. He noticed that his voice was changing too. The worst  part is that he was getting a case of acne. He was worried that people would notice. He was no longer adorable any more...

  I Nov. 1973, the Jackson 5 performed on Soul Train Michael stunned viewers with his "robot dance." People loved it. People also started to copy it too. People all around the world copied it...

Michael introduced the moonwalk which appeared to be forward walking motions but actually moving backwards!!!! He used it when he was performing "Billie Jean" With the moon walk Michael created a fashion trend:

  1. A single white sequined glove
  2. A black fedora
  3. Sparkling white socks and shiny black shoes
  4. A red leather jacket with zippers
  5. ankle length pants
  6. mirrored sunglasses
  7. military style jackets

  January 1984, during a Pepsi commercial Michael was in to promote the soft drink company, his hair caught fire. He got second degree burns and required surgery.

Five years after the release Thriller, Michael released the album "Bad." Which included "Smooth Criminal," "Dirty Diana," and "Man in the Mirror."

Michael went through a stage of loving animals. He created a zoo that included his llama and boa constrictor etc.

Michael had something called vitiligo. Which was a really bad skin disease.

On June 25, 2009, LA, California Michael Joseph Jackson died because of a cardiac arrest.

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