Dear Ma,

Today in camp, as a nurse, i saw a lot of bad injuries people who needed help. Mentally and physically.In our camp, it is not the living condition you would want to be in. We are not the highest respected people even though we do help and are important. We are in a forest with big tall trees and many wild animals it is not the safest but the best area to be hidden now. Even though i don't have to suffer the wrath of doing drills nonstop, i still have to train and take care of people after severe punishments every now and then. I am holding up physical though i often feel famished. I am scared although, every night i try to sleep but worry about many things. I see things that no one would ever even imagine. This is a picture i took today. Hope to see you soon.

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Interview with boy named Jeremiah:

Names: Rishi Narayanan, Christopher Varghese, Emma Sullivan, Thomas Huang

Interview question 1

Jeremiah, when you chose to stay and care for your mother, what caused you to make that choice?

JEREMIAH: "I thought the war would be a small conflict and and that it would end before I could get into any of the action. Besides, I valued my mother’s health. Who wouldn’t?

Interview question 2

INTERVIEWER: Jeremiah, looking back, what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

JEREMIAH:“I am proud of my decision of helping runaway slaves escape.”

Interview question 3

INTERVIEWER: Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

JEREMIAH: “I wish that my mother had not gotten sick. I also wish I could have stayed together with my brother and fought alongside him.”

Interview question 4

INTERVIEWER: How did you and the Union troops, some of whom are African-

American, react to slaves they meet? How do the hungry troops treat Southern farms? Will

you ever know what happened to his brother?

JEREMIAH: I would let the slaves I meet on the way get by. I would convince (or try to convince) my commanding officers to let them either go free or join the army. We would take food from the Southern farms, but give them fair price. I probably will never know what happened to my brother…

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