My awesome visual!

BY: Martha Nji

This video is very old so don't laugh!

This video "hide you kids remix" relates to my philosophical approach question" Is the good rewarded, and is the evil punished?" As you can see, the character is very upset about what happened, but when something bad happens you can get rewarded for it.

  • Justin Timberlake's song "What goes around comes around" also relates to my philosophical approach because he talks about what you do to a person, can turn around and bite you in the butt to you. so basically if you decide to be bad, you get punished either way or another. and if you are a good person, the world will reward you for it, and in this case he is refering it to love.

Rate suckers! The underlying message is that good drivers are paying the price because of the bad drivers!

(FRENCH CINDERELA)She was basically the good girl; she was a really hard working and obedient.she did everything she was told to despite that no one ever thanked her for it. so maybe it is true that people with good hearts have great rewards at the end.

In this picture, oedipus is a man that saves the town from the sphinx. He would have turned around, but he had decided that he would help. But the faith he had taken took a turn on him.

Simplified cinderella!

Washes clothes, cleans the house,and cooks. She is a very smart and respectable person.even when her step mom and sisters treated her badly, she still thanked and loved them;even though most of us would have cursed at them. she had enough self respect not to be rude to them.

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