Hershey Middle School Library

September 2014 Monthly Report

2,773 = Number of books circulated

536 = Number of unique students

64 (yeah...a lot)= Number of collaborative classes

We have a Twitter!

Highlights from this Month!

- Banned Books Week was "celebrated"

- Book Fair

- 8th grade students participated in Speed Dating through the genres

- QR codes are spread throughout the library linkng to book trailers

- 8 iPads were donated to the library from PTO

- The library is adding 3 new social studies databases to its collection

- A sweet Alan Rickman poster was displayed (see below)

What's to come:

- Some re-arranging (hopefully)

- Launch of eBook collection (we currently have over 13,000 ebooks, we're just making them easier to access)

- Teen Read Week October 13-17th

- Launch of new library website. (see preview below)

- Anything and everything to make this place more awesome :) Tips and suggestions are always appreciated.

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