1. How did you make the theme your own?

I took the basic idea of windows and I wanted to add my own twist. I tried a couple different ideas, but this was the one I ultimately liked. I made it my own by taking a less literal approach.

2. What do you like about your photo?

I like the uniqueness of it. I like the detail and the unusual aspect to it. It doesn't really make sense and I really like that.

3. What would you change?

I would have liked the hands to be a little more specifically placed, but I still like the way it looks

4. What actions did you run and what did you do with these actions?

I ran nice and easy to heighten the saturation, contrast, and clarity. I then ran summer of '69 to give it this nice vintage feel. Then I ran define and sharpen to up the clarity. Not much needed to be done with this photo to really make it pop.

The first photo is edited, the second is the original.