Ronnie Sanders

Session 1

We used the Cadd system to make our soapbox cars. After we made the design we printed it out, cut where we needed to, and made it into the car.

Session 2

In session two we learned how to do the dimensions and it showed us how to add dimensions to our cars.

Session 3

In session 3 we measured the dimensions of shapes that we have.

Session 4

In session four we worked with the alphabet of lines again. We also learned about cutaway drawings.

Session 5

In Session 5 we made a floor plan and learned about everything that was in the floor plan.

Session 6

WE added more on to our floor plan like plumbing and cabinets and stuff like that.

Session 7

Added everything else we needed to on our floor plan. electrical stuff, lights, and everything else that needs to be in a house.


One of the careers that I think would be great for cadd is probably and architect or an architect designer.