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March 6, 2015

LMS Visit

This week, a small group of teachers from Liberty Middle School visited core classes to see differentiation at JCHS. LMS teachers saw a variety of leveled core classes observing group work, labs, individual project-based learning, and they discussed differentiation with several Jet core teachers. LMS teachers were impressed with Jet teachers and their use of questioning, student motivation, innovation, and hands-on learning. Thank you for flying high, Jets!

"Oh Yorick! I knew him well, Horatio!"

Acting out Hamlet. #jchsfaculty #proudtobeajet

Mrs. Napier's English 12 classes are performing Shakespeare. To bring creativity and student interaction to a difficult text, Mrs. Napier divided her classes into groups and assigned them scenes from ACT IV of Hamlet. They were given time to read over their section, assign parts and find props. Then students performed their section in front of the class. Mrs. Napier asked probing questions after each performance to check for understanding in the development of the text. It was a fun way to read the play while allowing students to take ownership of their own learning.

Pilot's Lounge

Lunch & learn Mobi demo #jchsfaculty #mcslearn

Mr. Jeffreys demonstrated the use of the Mobi in this week's Pilot's Lounge Lunch and Learn. Mobis are available in the downstairs A, B, and C glass room closets. To see the many uses of the Mobi, watch the session below.


KNichols discussing accreditation. #jchsfaculty

Wednesday, Mrs. Nichols hosted a Flight School discussing the upcoming accreditation visit on Tuesday. Please see Friday's emails for a copy of the ELEOT rubric and the notes from flight school. Time to toot your horn and show everyone how wonderful you and your students are!

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