Paul Bunyan

by jessie grant
core 4

Paul Bunyan is America's best-known folk hero. One of his camps was located 45 miles west of Rhineland. Bunyan was 7 feet tall with a stride of 7 feet. He was famous throughout the lumbering districts for his great physical strength. Bunyan's great size and strength supposedly enabled him to clear north dakota of all its forests and dig lake superior.   

question 1 (a)according to Sandburg the origin of Paul Bunyan came form the bookless people.

question 1 (b) by Sandburg say some of paul is old as the hills, young as the alphabet they mean that stories about paul were told a long time ago and they are still told today.

question 2 (a) on action that shows paul it smart and strong is when he dived into lake and swam till he found a solid pillar and swam into it and climbed it. another is when he got the sorghum to take the mosquitoes and bees to the gulf of mexico to drowned them .

question 2 (b) those qualities relate to the of paul Bunyan by showing that he was really strong but also smart.

question 3 (a) Paul Bunyan stops the rain by swimming to the pillar then climbing it.

question 3 (b) the selection tell me that the midwest in the early nineteenth century there wasent a lot of people and if you wonted something done you had to do it yourself.

question 4 (a) yes i think the Paul Bunyan stories might have been based on real person.

question 4 (b) a person that would inspire this kind of story would be someone that is smart, strong, and kind.

question 5 (a) a lumberjack would be a hero in frontier america because because they made it where houses could be built and how houses were warmed.

question 5 (b) the qualities that Paul Bunyan  and today heroes share are they both help people and try to make the world better.

summary: Paul Bunyan was a lumberjack in madison Wisconsin. He supposedly cleared all the forests in north dakota. As the legend goes he had a oxen and every time he looked at it he grew more. then one day the oxen got so hungry he broke off the chain and ate the stove. the story say that, that story is the only stove story told on the north woods. In the story it had been raining for a long time so paul decided to dive into lake superior and swam to he found a solid pillar and swam into it and climbed it and when he came out from it it stopped raining. so this shows us that great things can happen and that is also the theme for the story.

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