lumbee Tribe

by christian

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The Lumbee Indians are from North Carolina. The Lumbee tribe is run by a
tribal council and tribal chairman. The United States of America government
does not recognize the Lumbee laws as real laws. The Lumbee tribe is trying
to be a real tribe with their own laws. Lumbee Indians all speak English. There
are a lot of Lumbee legends and fairy tales. Storytelling is very important to
Lumbee Indians. People are not sure what the Lumbee Indians wore long ago
because they started wearing European clothing very soon. Some wore
beaded headband with feathers in it. Some lumbee did not. Lumbee women
wore knee-length skirts and Lumbee men probably all wore breechcloths.
Breechcloths are deer skin or animal fur cut in rectangles. The lumbee tribe  wore
moccasins. They are shoes. Lumbee men and women both had tattoos. The
Lumbee tribes were known for carving wood, making baskets and jewelry.
Lumbee people farmed corn, squash, beans, and tobacco. Lumbee Indians

hunted for deer,turkeys and other animals.Most of the lumbee Indians are poor or have very little money.

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