Have + Past Participle

"A rabbit might have eaten all my flowers."

"My neighbour could have stolen the flowers"

"The wind might have blown them all away."

Firstly, finally, basically, another thing, as far as, suppose, anyway

Firstly let me present myself

Finally, if you have question please ask me

Basically the point of this problem is this...

Another thing that i like about League of Leyends is playing with morgana

as far as i am the boss of this company

i suppose that the teacher will put the examn tomorrow

i dont want to go anyway

Metaphors and idioms with: hands, heart, legs, head

Emmanuel can you please give me a hand with my work?

Today is the premier of the movie, breake a legs my friend.

Heart of gold

Banging your head against a brick wall

Synonyms of concerned, describe, loathed, buddies, unfortune

concerned = anxious

describe = detail

loathed = abominate

buddies = companion

unfortune = un fortunate

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