The Moons Importance

The Moons Role

The Moon has many features that come along with it. It has phases, it controls the tides, and eclipses. The moon is our main light at night. Also without the moon the water would be level and the would be no tides. The moon is very important along with the other things in space.


The different shapes of the moon you see are called phases. There are New Moon, Waxing and Waning crescent, 1st and 3rd quarter, Waxing and Waning Gibbous, and a full Moon. The different phases you see depend on how much you see more of the lit side. The phases of the moon are the amount of sunlight being reflected of the moon you can see. The phases start with A new moon, move to the first quarter, then a full moon, next to the third quarter, and lastly back to the full moon. Depend on the tilt and position will depend on which of these you will see.


The moon is the controller of the tides. The moon's gravity pulls the water outward creating high and low tides. The fall and rise of tides happen every 12.5 hours which is important if you are on a boat. There are two types of tides, spring tides and neap tide. These both depend on the position of the moon and the sun. During the 1st and 3rd quarters is a neap tide. During a new or full tide a spring tide occurs. These are the different types of tides.


There are two types of eclipses. There are Solar and Lunar eclipses. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from Earth, the moons shadow then hits earth. A lunar eclipse occurs at a full moon when Earth is directly between the moon and the sun. Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon. This affects us because it can cast a shadow on the Earth and make the spot of the shadow dark. There two man shadows of an eclipse, the main part is the Umbra, the outer part is the Penumbra. These are the parts of the shadow that is casted on object causing an eclipse.


The moon has phases, tides, and eclipses. These all affect the way we live in many ways. With out the moon many things would be different. We would not have light from the moon, we would not have tides, the water would be level. These are just some reasons the moon affects us. Without the many important things would not happen.

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