My cousins were all at my great grandmothers house for a family reunion on my dad's side of the family.

Michael is my little cousin and he was playing with our big Jenga blocks on the patio, he loves the camera.

My family went to Disneyland for the day, I took this picture because I loved the busy streets and the castle in the background.

At Disneyland this building caught my eye so I took a picture of it. I love the old rugged look to the place.

Disneyland has a light show they play in the water and right before we left I took this picture with the Farris wheel in the back.

On my moms side of the family we decided to go shopping in Hollywood. When we passed this sign I had to take a picture (:

My family went to the beach with my grandparents and I saw this cute couple sitting on their surfboard. I took this picture from the back because it was a very romantic scene.

My aunt took me and my cousins to a dodgers game and I took a picture of the sign in the front of the place

I gave my aunt my phone to take this photo. I love this picture of all of us and wanted to share it with you (:

Last day in California we went to the ice skating rink and I was helping my little sister skate. My aunt also took this picture

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Nice job, if you cold check my tacks out i would appreciate it :)