Gregor Mendel

Born Johann Mendel 20 July 1822

Heinzendorf bei Odrau, Austrian Empire (now Hynčice, Czech Republic)

Died 6 January 1884 (aged 61)

Brno (Brünn), Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic)

Nationality Empire of Austria-Hungary

Fields Genetics

Institutions St Thomas's Abbey

Alma mater University of Olomouc

University of Vienna

Known for Creating the science of genetics

Reginald Punnett

Reginald Crundall Punnett FRS ( 20 June 1875 – 3 January 1967) was a British geneticist who co-founded, with William Bateson, the Journal of Genetics in 1910. Punnett is probably best remembered today as the creator of the Punnett square, a tool still used by biologists to predict the probability of possible genotypes of offspring. His Mendelism (1905) is sometimes said to have been the first textbook on genetics; it was probably the first popular science book to introduce genetics to the public.